We make NO Health claims that CBD may be used to cure, treat, or aide in conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Cancer, or any other health conditions 

Our Story

Our Company was formed in 2010 with the simple idea to offer others a better alternative to modern day medicines and prescription narcotics.  After the founder and CEO nearly had her arm amputated in a work related accident when she was 19 years old her life was forever changed.

Here is my story, the condensed version.   

For the next 4 plus years of my life I endured numerous surgeries to reattach my arm, hand & fingers.  I underwent 40 hours a week of physical therapy to try to learn to use and strengthen my arm, along with weekly injections in my neck to "jump start" my nerves, and a list of narcotic medications that were freely prescribed for the unimaginable pain I endured 24 hrs. per day.  Doctors said I would never be able to use my arm again like I used to, and that it would always be stuck in a curled position.  One day I "woke up" from the endless daily tasks of pills and therapy and turned to cannabis.  I just quit therapy, stopped all meds and began the journey to getting my "life" back.  I slowly replaced prescription narcotics with cannabis use and started to regain control of my thinking and my life.  I went on to gain almost full use of my arm, became the first women in Local 607 Painters Union in Illinois, started my own restoration company, eventually got a CDL to take a break from painting and hauled frozen food, seafood and produce from Los Angeles CA to Boston MA every week back & forth.  This is when I discovered California which I now call HOME.  I moved to California, quit painting, quit truck driving and started openly studying Cannabis and its benefits and uses.  I started the very FIRST topical company in Central California making cannabis infused topical products and then later led the way with the first line of cannabis infused skincare.  Every product made by Amazing Herbal Creations is meant to ease pain, treat symptoms and relieve conditions that are often controlled by unnecessary prescription medicines, including narcotic meds.  Since 2010 I has developed many products that can eliminate the need for prescription medicines for many conditions.  Our products are completely organic and not only work right away but also provide healing over time.  I now live a life of Organic means, NO prescription or over-the-counter meds, and best of all VERY LITTLE PAIN and I use my arm better than before my accident.  My story is one of the "miracle" stories.  The products I made for myself and my journey have now improved over the years for you and your journey.  Join the journey of Peace and Good Health !!    

The Best in the West is now simply THE BEST !!

Started off just a small town girl from Annawan, Illinois