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CBG - Cannabigerol CB1 & CB2 receptors - parent to CBD, 1st cannabinoid formed in Hemp plant - helps fight cancer, is anti-inflammatory, helps glaucoma, promotes bone growth.

CBDA - Cannabidiolic Acid CB1 & CB2 receptors - a precursor to CBD, helps decrease nausea and vomiting, is anti-tumor (cancer fighting), and promotes bone growth

CBD - Cannabidiol CB1 & CB2 receptors - helps fight epilepsy, cancer, depression, anxiety, pain, and diabetes, it also helps with psychotic disorders, nausea, and is anti-inflammatory.

CBL - Cannabicyclol is connected to CBC - light converts CBC to CBL - binds to the same receptors and helps with the same issues.

CBC - Cannabichromene CB1 & CB2 receptors - helps fight cancer, depression, inflammation, and pain, it is antifungal and encourages brain growth; needs terpene to bind to receptors. 

CBN - Cannabinol CB1 & CB 2 receptors - helps in pain relief, sleep aid, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and promotes bone growth, has mild sedative qualities. 

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