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About Us


Carrie Lohse
Co-founder, CEO & Herbalist

Fred Lohse
Co-founder & Grow Expert

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read our story.  My husband and I were married in 2010 which is also the year our cannabis journey began.  We both were born and raised in Illinois.  Myself in a small rural farm town in  central Illinois.  My husband in Chicago.  Yes, a city boy and a country girl. A great combination for us.


My young adult life was altered before it even began in a work related accident that nearly amputated my left arm.  Upon arriving at the emergency room, I was prepared for complete amputation by the Catholic priest and nuns.  This was because all of my muscles and nerves were severed and my hand was completely crushed.  To my great surprise some hot-shot doctor flew to Rockford Illinois from Oregon and spent about 7 grueling hours sewing everything back together for me.  I woke up with my arm, a complete miracle.  Then for the next 3 years I underwent many surgeries to complete the reconstruction of my hand.  I also spent 40 hours per week in a work hardening therapy program to hopefully regain use of my arm again.  It wasn’t working too well, and the narcotic medications I was on were not only addicting but horrible for my mental and physical health.  I even underwent injections in my neck every week to try to jump start my nerves and the injection paralyzed the left half of my body for about 6 hours every time.  Needless to say it was frightening and my future was not turning out how I wanted.   Marijuana was still illegal but I started smoking it for the pain.  After all of this my final diagnosis was:  Fibromyalgia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, permanent nerve damage and massive muscle tissue loss.  I was told I could never use my arm the same again.  Disability checks, narcotic meds, and weekly doctor appointments were my life until I started smoking marijuana.  All this happened before I met my husband.  


Now for my husband.  He spent his whole young adult life  (30 years) behind the wheel of a semi truck and accumulated over 4 million miles sitting in that seat.  He hauled fresh and frozen foods from the East coast to the West coast.  Back & Forth, week after week.  After many years of this occupation he suffered from major back pain and sciatic leg pain.  The last few years became really unbearable for him to even just sit in the seat.  


Although smoking helped me gain a lot of the use of my arm back, it came with unimaginable pain.  This self treatment of marijuana use, complete dedication and constant meditation gave me the ability to finally gain some self worth.  Over the next 28 years I formed my own specialized painting company.  I became the first women union journeyman painter in Local 607 and passed all testing to earn my CDL so i could drive a Semi truck.  Not only did I go on to achieve many great accomplishments, but I broke molds and barriers to enter into a man's world of employment gaining the respect of all people I worked with.  I had stamina and strength that could not be compared to most because of what I went through.  But my arm still hurt bad, even though I could do it.  I learned how to ignore and fight  through the pain.  Pain management became part of my life combined with constant meditation.  


So in 2009 my husband and I moved to California because cannabis was legal there and we both used it a lot for our ailments.  That was when I started really educating myself on the benefits of this Amazing plant.  We got our grow license and started growing.  Within a year we were producing some of the best hydroponic cannabis in California and became well known for that.  I continued reading & educating myself until one day I got the courage to take a pound of our cannabis and infuse it into a batch of oil & other herbs that I had been researching.  I wish I would have recorded the look on my husbands face when I dumped $3500 worth of cannabis into oil, priceless.  And to our amazement, we rubbed it on the painful areas and it worked.  Oh my gosh, it relieved most of the pain.  And we kept using it, we gave it to friends and it kept working for us and for all we gave it to.  We then started the very 1st Topical Cannabis company in central California with our newly found pain reliever and called it:  Amazing Herbal Creations.  


In 2010 Amazing Herbal Creations was formed and we hit the pavement going dispensary door to dispensary door offering our product.  Most people at first did not give me the time of day and others let me put in it their stores on consignment.   I can proudly and honestly say the only product ever returned was the first one we sold.  A man’s wife went to the store to get him medical cannabis for his pain and she came home with our pain stick instead.  I will never forget when I was called, the husband was furious that his wife bought this stick and not his smokable cannabis.  So we refunded his money and let him keep the pain stick.  That was in 2010, now it is 2022 and he is still a paying customer today.  


So as you can see, our products were made by people who really needed them and not to “get rich quick”.  Many companies started to follow in our footsteps and cannabis topical’s were soon in stores everywhere.  This is when the “get rich quick” companies started popping up everywhere.  We are not one of them.  We always have been and always will be in this business to help as many people as we can live a better quality of life with our products.  We always make them affordable and safe (using only organic ingredients), and of course pleasant to use.


Since then myself and my husband feel better and are more active than we have ever been in our lives.  I am 52 years old now and my husband is 70 years old.  We like to joke that we run circles around most younger people.  We have no need for doctor appointments relating to our previous problems.  We have not taken any prescription meds and no over the counter meds since 2010.  Our lives have been permanently altered for the better.  We just use our products and the many products we have developed since then.  I like to say our products are condition specific because each product was made for a healing reason and tested on needy patients until perfection became complete.  


Now we can offer our products with THC and with Zero THC (CBD distillate). Both are extremely effective.  We do this so all people, all ages and all professions can use our products.  Our main goal began and has remained to offer an effective, a safe, an affordable and a pleasant to use cannabis topical healing product.  


Then in 2020 we finally decided we had enough of California cannabis laws.  It became too expensive to operate our company and gave us no security.  Laws changed every year making it very hard to operate a successful cannabis business there.  Corona Virus hit and that was the last straw.  We decided to come back to the heart of America.  We  moved our family and our business to this wonderful state of Oklahoma which we now call home.  We are so very happy we did.  Now we can operate our company legally, successfully and safely.  We bring many years of experience with us to Oklahoma and we have been leading the way for this advancement since 2010.  We are very excited to offer our entire line of Cannabis and CBD (zero THC) products to all of you here in Oklahoma.  Thank You for welcoming us!  We look forward to helping patients with their daily medicinal needs.  There is no reason to live with pain, cold sores, acne, skin issues and much more when our products can effectively and safely help all who choose to use them.  It's simple, we offer a Better Quality of Life.  Peace & Good Health.


Fred & Carrie Lohse

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